Trevor R. Parker x Lake Michigan

A simple look featuring Kappa and Lake Michigan, shot by Trevor R. Parker.

I met Trevor R. Parker when I first moved to Chicago. I saw some of his work on Instagram and I slid in his DMs (lol), asking if he wanted to collaborate. We met up downtown in early April 2018 and Trevor brought a friend of his, making it a dynamic trio. I love working with Trevor. He is so talented, so friendly and so humble. One of the first things I noticed about him is his personable disposition and positive outlook on life. While he is a great influence, he has a level of grit that is assertive but not over-bearing. He is hungry to learn and grow as both a person and a photographer. Shooting is such a personal thing to do and the number one most important aspect is establishing trust and comfort between the photographer and model. Trevor understands how important professional relationships are and for this reason, he is going to go so far in his career and life. I hope to continue having the opportunity to work with him as he continues on his journey and I cannot wait to see where this path leads him.


Chicago, Illinois & Lake Michigan


Red athletic top: Kappa x Gosha Rubchinskiy

White crop top originally from Urban Outfitters, cut and destroyed by me.


Trevor R. Parker

Caitie Santo

Hi, my name is Caitie Santo. I am a 22-year-old living in Chicago, Illinois, born and raised in Fremont, California. I graduated with a degree in marketing and I am currently working for a business management consulting firm in Chicago. I was exposed to the arts at a young age and it is deeply intertwined with how I describe myself, whether it is the music I listen to, the things I do, or the things I wear. I hope to continue developing my artistic identity through the various projects I work on, including this blog where I will share whatever comes to my mind. Please allow me to share with you the many parts of my brain that make me, me. In doing so, I hope you are able to gain insight into my sensibilities, aesthetic and overall perspectives.

2 thoughts on “Trevor R. Parker x Lake Michigan

  1. This is so interesting and beautiful. I have many favorites in this Trevor shoot. Nicely written too. Trevor has a great eye. You two make a great team. Very photogenic. Love you Sent from my iPhone



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