Playlist #6: Chill Wave

I used to post these on Friday but now these are being posted every other Sunday. Posted every other Sunday**, hear my weekly playlist including some old and some new. This week we have H.E.R, Masego, Jhene Aiko, and a few more.

Frank Ocean, “Pink + White”

Frank is the goat. This album is one that we’ll be talking about for so long. The tracklist is full of ambient post-R&B that is as unique as him.

H.E.R., “Feel a Way”

Who the heck is H.E.R.? Like honestly, she produces anonymously. H.E.R. first signed with the major label RCA in 2016 and doesn’t spend a lot on promotion. She relies a lot on word of mouth from fans and other music artists. I first heard of her quite some time ago with the Soundcloud release of Drake’s “Jungle.” H.E.R. Vol. 1 is by far her most successful album and she just released her EP, “I Used to Know Her: The Prelude -EP.”

Masego, “Queen Tings”

Masego is a multi-talented singer/songwriter/producer/instrumentalist born in Kingston, Jamaica. He later moved to Newport New, Virginia where he has pursued his passion for music. Masego plays multiple instruments but is known for the saxophone. In 2016 he released “The Pink Polo EP” and this has been his most famous so far but this album LadyLady is giving the EP a run for its money.

Jhené Aiko, “The Pressure

Do we even need a description for Jhené Aiko? I’m pretty sure everyone already knows who she is and if you don’t already, her full name is Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo. She comes from a family full of singer and songwriters known for R&B. Her story is so interesting to hear how she balanced having a child at a young age, obtaining an education, and pursuing a music career. She is also a published poet with 2Fish, a poetry book.

Odie, “Little Lies”

I’ve already featured Odie before but if you didn’t get a chance to see it, ODIE was born in Toronto but raised in the Bay Area. All of Odie’s stuff is so good and his whole album Analogue is pretty chill with beautiful melodies. “Little Lies” is arguably his most popular with “North Face” following close behind.

Caitie Santo

Hi, my name is Caitie Santo. I am a 22-year-old living in Chicago, Illinois, born and raised in Fremont, California. I graduated with a degree in marketing and I am currently working for a business management consulting firm in Chicago. I was exposed to the arts at a young age and it is deeply intertwined with how I describe myself, whether it is the music I listen to, the things I do, or the things I wear. I hope to continue developing my artistic identity through the various projects I work on, including this blog where I will share whatever comes to my mind. Please allow me to share with you the many parts of my brain that make me, me. In doing so, I hope you are able to gain insight into my sensibilities, aesthetic and overall perspectives.

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