I Left My Heart at Lolla

If I had a bucket list for Chicago, attending Lollapalooza would be on it. Lolla was a life-altering experience that deserves acknowledgement, so if you want to read about my experience or see some of my 97degree-proof fits, keep reading.

Pay for Experiences, Not Things

If you want to do something, just do it (Nike, don’t sue me). But seriously guys, we’re all too young and life is way too short to not fill our lives with those big and little moments we will cherish forever. About three weeks before Lolla I said fuck it, a common theme of mine, and bought a 4-day General Admission pass from my homie, Dom. Totally could not afford it in that moment, but I knew that eventually I would be able to pay it off, so I decided to do it. Pay for experiences, not things, hopefully a new theme of mine.

Long story short, I survived all four days and enjoyed all four days. The major key is to literally chug water all day and if you’re going to drink, drink 1/2 of what you normally drink, especially if you know it’s going to be pushing 100 degrees out. Everyone told me the lineup was incredible but this year I swear it was Caitie’s year. Not only did I get to see Travis Scott’s set the night that Astroworld was being released, but I had the chance to stand 5 feet away from Daniel Caesar, almost die in a mosh pit during Lil Uzi Vert, stand front row for Virgil Abloh, and hear Post Malone chant “fuck that bitch” live. It was insane to see these artists live and to think back to when I was belting their lyrics from my speaker. To remember when I was singing Post Malone’s “I Fall Apart” through tears because I was going through heartbreak, or when Madi and I pregamed to “Bad and Boujee” before going to every soccer house party. Music is literally my world and I am so endlessly thankful to have the opportunities to experience moments that I will cherish forever.

“We don’t care about music snaps, we want to see the fits.”

Here are my outfits for the four days. I really tried to consider the fact that it was going to be devil hot and that ya girl sweats a lot. I also wanted to wear edgy but not stereotypical festival outfits because it doesn’t fit my personality. I wish I was more out-there and whimsical but that’s not me and I wanted to be comfortable in everything I wore. Lesson of the day: Don’t succumb to what you think everyone else is doing, stay true to yourself. To further my point, check out this awesome article by TimeOut Chicago which shows some of the coolest outfits spotted at Lolla this year that break the traditional “festival outfit” norm.

It was so cool to see how everyone expressed themselves through their clothing, some outfits being way more interesting than others, but all in all, it was really inspiring. Check out my photos below and if you like some of the items I wore, the details are below!

Let me know if you went to Lollapalooza and how your experience was! And of course, I want to see the fit pic.

Caitie Santo

Hi, my name is Caitie Santo. I am a 22-year-old living in Chicago, Illinois. I was born in Fremont, California but later attended school at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. I graduated with a degree in marketing and I am currently working for a business management consulting firm in Chicago. 
I was exposed to the arts at a young age, and my appreciation grew as I pursued a professional career in ballet several years ago. Although that career path ended during my first year in college, my experience is still deeply intertwined with how I describe myself, whether it is the music I listen to, the things I do, or the things I wear. I hope to continue developing my artistic expression through the various projects I work on including this blog, where I will share whatever comes to my mind.

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