Playlist #2: Shmoodie

Posted every Friday, hear my weekly playlist including some old and some new. This week we got a chill vibe list featuring Mahalia, Buddy, and more.  Probably a good list to sip some coffee to on a sub-par sunny day.

Mahalia, “No Reply”

Mahalia has been around for awhile now, especially with having signed her first label deal when she was 13. She’s from Leicester in the middle of the UK and she is only 19 years old. Her voice is so smooth and her lyrics are thoughtful. This track, produced by Maths Times Joy, is so far one of my favorites and it’s lowkey probably because of the lyrics, “Don’t you ever, don’t you ever no no/ You and I, you and I.”

Nxworries, “Sidepiece”

Nxworries is a power pack between producer, Knxledge, and singer, Anderson Paak. “Sidepiece” was released in 2016 on the Yes Lawd! album but did not gain as much attention compared to the tracks Suede and Lyk Dis. The lyrics on “Sidepiece” are so nice and I am all here for it.

Arin Ray, “Communication”

Someone tell me who Arin Ray sounds like because I cannot figure it out. Regardless, super smooth track and DRAM comes in killing it which is weird because normally I don’t like DRAM.

ODIE, “North Face”

Super excited to share this one. ODIE was born in Toronto but raised in the Bay Area, and being a Bay Area baby myself, I am biased to love this guy. But bias aside, “North Faces” melody is beautiful where he talks about his experiencing working at North Face and falling in love with a girl that walks in. He talks about his daydreams with her the sounds he plays with on this track make us feel like we’re in a daydream with him.

Tierra Whack, “Flea Market”

Tierra Whack has a really interesting story, and if you haven’t already heard of her, look her up. She released he album Whack World which has 15 songs and is 15 minutes long–do the math, that’s 1:00 minute a song. She did this with the visual component in mind, creating one minute videos that can fit the Instagram video length perfectly. Check out Whack World on YouTube and watch the whole 15 minute visual. With the songs only being one minute, it is difficult to invest in each one individually, and the 15 minutes as a whole is sort of a rollercoaster. However, taken as a whole, it’s pretty cool.

Buddy, “Young”

Simmie Simms III, who goes by Buddy, is a rising rapper from Compton. “Young” is on the latest album Harlan & Alondra, released one week ago. It’s funny because this guy releases music pretty leisurely, where this album was released seven years after writing his first single.

Caitie Santo

Hi, my name is Caitie Santo. I am a 22-year-old living in Chicago, Illinois. I was born in Fremont, California but later attended school at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. I graduated with a degree in marketing and I am currently working for a business management consulting firm in Chicago. 
I was exposed to the arts at a young age, and my appreciation grew as I pursued a professional career in ballet several years ago. Although that career path ended during my first year in college, my experience is still deeply intertwined with how I describe myself, whether it is the music I listen to, the things I do, or the things I wear. I hope to continue developing my artistic expression through the various projects I work on including this blog, where I will share whatever comes to my mind.

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